Ansible News — Ansible Community General collection 7.0.0

Ansible Community General Collection Changelog: New Features, Module Improvements, Bug Fixes, and Deprecations (Stable-7 Branch)

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Ansible Community General collection 7.0.0

The page you provided is the changelog for the Ansible Community General collection, specifically the stable-7 branch. This is release 7.0.0 of community.general, released on 2023–05–09:

1.Breaking Changes / Porting Guide:

  • If you are not using this collection as part of Ansible, but installed (and/or upgraded) community.general manually, you need to make sure to also install community.sap_libs if you are using any of the sapcar_extract, sap_task_list_execute, and hana_query modules. Without that collection installed, the redirects for these modules do not work.
  • ModuleHelper module utils — when the module sets output variables named msg, exception, output, vars, or changed, the actual output will prefix those names with _ (underscore symbol) only when they clash with output variables generated by ModuleHelper itself, which only occurs when handling exceptions. Please note that this breaking change does not require a new major release since before this release, it was not possible to add such variables to the output due to a bug (#5765).
  • gconftool2 — fix processing of gconftool-2 when key does not exist, returning null instead of empty string for both value and previous_value return values (#6028).
  • gitlab_runner — the default of access_level_on_creation changed from false to true (#6428).
  • ldap_search — convert all string-like values to UTF-8 (#5704, #6473).
  • nmcli — the default of the hairpin option changed from true to false (#6428).
  • proxmox — the default of the unprivileged option changed from false to true (#6428).

2. Module Improvements:

  • apache2_module — add module argument warn_mpm_absent to control whether warning are raised in some edge cases (#5793).
  • apt_rpm — adds clean, dist_upgrade and update_kernel parameters for clear caches, complete…



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