Check if a file exists on Windows-like systems — Ansible module win_stat

How to automate the checking of the “example.txt” file on the Desktop of the user in the Windows system and display a message or execute a task accordingly with Ansible Playbook.

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4 min readMar 15, 2022


How to Check if a file exists on Windows-like systems with Ansible?

I’m going to show you a live demo and some simple Ansible code.

I’m Luca Berton and welcome to today’s episode of Ansible Pilot.

Ansible check file exists on Windows-like systems

  • ``
  • Get information about Windows files

Today we’re talking about the Ansible module `win_stat`.

The full name is ``, which means that is part of the collection of modules specialized to interact with Windows target host.

It’s a module pretty stable and out for years.

It works in Windows and Windows Server operating systems.

It gets information about Windows files.

For Linux target use the stat module instead.

Parameters & Return Values

Mandatory Parameters

  • path string

Main Return Values

  • stat complex — exists

The only mandatory parameter is “path” which is the filesystem full path of the object to check.

You could also retrieve the checksum of the file in the most popular hash algorithm, just in case.

The module returns a complex object, the property that is interesting for us is “exists”. This attribute is “true” if the object exists.





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