🛟 How to Navigate 2022 IT TurbulentTime — Weathering New Challenges

How to navigate the storm and increase your value and hireability in the IT market, keeping your skills sharp, and learning new technologies and languages.

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5 min readNov 12, 2022


Hello Ansible Pilot Community,

This article is a bit different from the usual one because we are all living in some turbulent times, and I would like to share with you some personal thoughts and maybe relate to you.

Just for reference, this article was written on November 10th, 2022
and I would like to empathize with IT engineers navigating an uncertain Market. I could understand because also my personal life was a bit of chaos. I made many changes, so I have learned some lessons on this topic.

What’s the matter today is some recent layoffs from significant players like Stripe, Lyft, and other IT tech companies. Today is the news of a looming layoff in Meta and Twitter. Also, the news reports these days
for companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple, a slowing down the hiring process or a hiring freeze season.

I think that all of us should have a framework for how to navigate this uncertain market time.

I’m deep inside of me an optimist.

Because the world survived many wars, the incredible Codiv pandemic and several the financial crisis (the latest in 2008), and many, many
events such as the oil crisis of the 70s.

We are facing an important period because the economy is probably slowing down; we don’t know if there is a recession, not I’m not an
economist, but I see many different signs affecting every business.

Every employee like us, IT Engineers, working in technology are part of every business.

Some of us need to provide for a family, and we need to access the security of our job.

So you need to verify by yourself:

  • the company's financial standing



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