Why Ansible Pilot

Behind the scene of the Ansible Pilot project and Ansible open source infrastructure as code technology.

Luca Berton


Digital technologies have made learning faster, cheaper, and easier than before.

That means that you need to embrace new digital tools in the broader culture of professional development that solves people’s real problems at work.

The workplace is changing fast. And upskilling ourselves as IT professionals are more critical than ever in today’s super competitive marketplace.

Today’s mantra in the professional world is to innovate, automate and accelerate.

The skills needed in today’s business world aren’t the skills we needed in the past.

Ansible is the best open-source infrastructure as a code tool in the market.

I’ve been working for the Red Hat Ansible engineering team and learn more every day, so I’d like to share with other people more as possible.

Traditional learning methodologies rely on the classroom model, where an expert teacher explains thousands of concepts to students for hours, in a typical top-down model. The problem with this methodology is that they sometimes forget three-quarters of the concepts.

As humans, we are social animals that like to pick up information and ideas from other people, our peers.

Mobile phones and computers connected to the internet give us unprecedented access to knowledge. We’re living in the Digital Age.

Nowadays, ideas and information circles the globe in seconds and enable us to learn from the best expert worldwide. Computer languages are the same all over the world and are easy that everything to teach; there is no language, culture, or other barriers for learners.

I created trust with a community that genuinely supports me and engages me in day-by-day challenges.

My release format is to keep each lesson short, convenient, and relevant to every professional. That means a high-impact lesson for a specific use case, not a long hour of blabbing.



Luca Berton

I help creative Automation DevOps, Cloud Engineer, System Administrator, and IT Professional to succeed with Ansible Technology to automate more things everyday